PBPA works diligently with all levels of government to shape and pass legislation that balances the prevention of overregulation with the quality of life for all communities in the Permian Basin.

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Geographically, the majority of the Permian Basin is located in Texas. Approximately two-thirds of total production in the Permian occurs in Texas counties and in the state of Texas alone, the the Permian Basin accounts for over seventy percent of total Texas oil production. Texas is also the number one oil-producing and number one natural gas-producing state in the nation.

The Permian Basin oil and gas industry has an enormous impact on the economic vitality of Texas and with state regulatory agencies frequently changing the rules governing the industry, must work diligently to prevent the passage of rules that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Our second office is located in Austin, TX so that our staff can remain highly engaged with the state legislature and regulatory agencies. Our team works diligently to monitor proposed legislation and rules that may otherwise go unnoticed. It is our goal to provide our membership with the most up to date information on new policies, legislation, and regulations affecting our industry.

Members can directly engage in the work PBPA does in Texas through our Texas Legislative Committee. The committee monitors legislation concerning the Railroad Commission, water, taxes, energy and the environment. PBPA’s Regulatory Practices Committee analyzes and collaborates on the continuous stream of regulatory issues facing the industry both on the Federal and State levels.

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New Mexico

New Mexico is the second-largest oil-producing and one of the top ten natural gas-producing states in the U.S. The vast majority of oil produced in the New Mexico is produced in the Permian Basin with the majority of natural gas produced in the northwest region of the state. Over two-thirds of PBPA members are either domiciled in New Mexico or have some type of operations in the state.

PBPA takes an active role in New Mexico legislative and regulatory affairs. We have a full-time presence in the state by employing lobbyists based out of the state capital, Santa Fe. PBPA remains involved in all of New Mexico’s industry-related issues, from testifying at legislative hearings to working with state and federal agencies to help shape energy policy.

PBPA provides collaborative and educational opportunities for our members regarding New Mexico legislation and regulations through our New Mexico Legislative Committee and Regulatory Practices Committee.

PBPA is proud to collaborate with the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association and the Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico to advocate for the petroleum industry.

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PBPA works closely with local governments and their constituents in the Permian Basin to help shape ordinances and propositions that are both in the interest and safety of the community, while also economically reasonable to local industry.

All Permian Basin residents, in one way or another, depend on the success of the Oil and Gas industry. PBPA strives to find the middle ground that keeps both our communities safe and allows our businesses to thrive.

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The Permian Basin accounts for over 40% of total U.S. oil production and about 15% of its total natural gas production. Our region contributes over $180B in gross GDP to the U.S. economy and has created over 750,000 jobs. The Permian Basin oil and gas industry greatly contributes to the nations well-being and our members are greatly affected by the rules and laws passed by our Federal government and agencies.

PBPA actively watches and participates in the Federal process by meeting with members of Congress directly, to communicate our members’ needs and to make sure that they have a voice in the nation's capital. We follow newly proposed rules and regulations across many different federal agencies and frequently submit comments on behalf of our membership to assist in the process. We have developed a reputation as a group willing to fight to protect our members’ interests even if that means taking on a Federal Agency in court.

Since 2007, PBPA has filed two suits to prevent overzealous regulation that would unjustifiably harm and possibly bring to a standstill oil and gas production in the Permian Basin. Read more about PBPA's newsworthy activities in the Newsroom.