PBPA Effort Yields Results

August 28, 2018

Sunset Commission Unanimously Rejects DPS Proposal to Close License Offices

Austin, Texas-Today, the Texas Sunset Commission met in Austin and responsibly pushed back against a DPS proposal that would eliminate up to 87 Driver’s License offices across rural Texas, including the booming Permian Basin.

“Today, the Members of the Sunset Commission from across the state unanimously rejected the DPS proposal to close the offices in our region and across the state and I am very proud of the Legislature for listening to our concerns and the concerns of all Texans.” said PBPA President, Ben Shepperd.

This rejection will offer the Legislature guidance on how to proceed on this issue when the Texas Legislature convenes in January 2019.

He also added, “We are hopeful that our efforts, and the efforts of the public at large, to increase efficiency in other areas at DPS will continue and are thankful for the leadership of Chairman Birdwell, Vice-Chairman Paddie and Senators Buckingham, Hall, Nichols, and Watson as well as Representatives Flynn, Lambert, Nevarez, and Thompson for keeping these offices open.”

PBPA is the only association in the state, solely focused on advocating effectively for the growth, prosperity, and best interests of the Permian Basin petroleum industry.